Dance Celebration to benefit Bridges To Malawi

Sunday, August 14 from 1-3PM Eastern Time we will be hosting a concert and dance celebration to benefit Bridges To Malawi! Featuring live music from Sunny Side Up! Join in front of the Town Hall in Hudson, MA, or at the live broadcast at K2 TASO in Kasunga District, Malawi, Africa!

How To Donate

In 2022, Shake It So is raising money for the Hudson, Massachusetts-based nonprofit Bridges To Malawi, which works with partners in Malawi on many projects to fight disease, hunger, and poverty in Malawi.

Option 1: Venmo

When you use Vemno, there is no transaction fee, so all of the money you donate goes directly to the projects which are helping the people of Malawi. Make your donation to: @BridgesToMalawi
Brian Lisse is the listed name, Brian is the director of Bridges To Malawi. Please mention Shake It So in the note, and if you want a letter for your records or tax purposes, please include your address.

Option 2: Mail

Also no transaction fee, unless you count the stamp! Make your check out to Bridges To Malawi and mail your donation to:
Bridges To Malawi
7 Curley Dr
Hudson, MA 01749

Option 3: GoFundMe

We have set up a fundraiser in GoFundMe. Your contribution will go to Bridges To Malawi, minus a small transaction fee.

About Bridges To Malawi

Bridges To Malawi partners with K2 TASO, an organization created and run by native Malawians. Together they work on projects that have a direct and immediate impact on the lives of the people of Malawi, which is one of the poorest countries in the world.
These organizations work on many amazing projects, including health care, agriculture, and education projects. This year, Shake It So is working to raise $13,500 to provide clean drinking water to 150,000 people for a year. Every year, many Malawians struggle to find clean drinking water. The consequences of drinking unclean water can be disastrous, especially for children.
Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

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